We spend more time at work than we do anywhere else, and let’s face it – sometimes work is interesting, sometimes it’s fun, and sometime we miss it when we don’t go. The other 95% of the time we struggle with our tasks, our bosses, and (for some of us) our employees.

As it says on the left, I have a job where I give advice to a lot of different people and organisations every day. I’ve just had a couple of weeks where:

  • perhaps every employer in the country has phoned to ask about the new laws on holidays and the minimum wage;
  • I’ve seen an employer refuse to follow a basic procedure which would have saved it £40,000;
  • I’ve seen an employee quit his job where if he’d hung on for a few more days he’d have either been redeployed or paid three months’ money to disappear.

What often unites workers and their bosses is complete cluelessness about how to get things done quickly, how not to lose money and, most importantly, how to make themselves happy.

So what will follow on this site is an occasional discussion on new laws, as well as discussion on common situations encountered in the workplace. I’ve a hectic life, so don’t expect daily updates, but I’m aiming for one medium sized post per week. Feel free to join in and comment, and of course, tell your friends.