Nothing stands still…

Reading John Hutton’s speech delivered just six weeks ago or so the following appears:

  • Prioritising more jobs over new laws
  • If not major new regulation, then what?
  • Government’s role is to facilitate … conversation – not always to mandate either side on what should be done
  • It is not possible to legislate prescriptively for everything
  • The agreement on Agency Workers marks the successful completion of perhaps one of our most important objectives – to create now for the UK the right framework of employment protection without compromising our essential labour market flexibility.

… you might be forgiven there wasn’t much new law heading our way. It’ll be interesting to see if this remains the case, since Union leaders regard that objective as far from complete. They’ll be campaigning on yet more rights for agency workers (the 12 week rule already being an uneasy compromise), sham self-employment and, I reckon, stronger laws on workplace consultation and union recognition / bargaining rights.

Normally they’d stand no chance, but with the Labour party being in the financial state it is they may feel like they have a bit more clout than normal.