Lying on your CV

The One Show had a feature today on CV falsehoods – reckoning that as vacancies disappear applicants will become more willing to embellish their accomplishments. You can watch it for the next 7 days on BBC iPlayer here, and that feature is at the very start of the programme.

Lying on CVs can be costly, a material falsehood on a CV could well be a fair reason for subsequent dismissal, even if discovered a long time afterwards. What’s more a serious lie earning you a job you would not have otherwise obtained might well be a criminal offence under s.2 of the Fraud Act 2006 -which replaced the traditional offence under the Theft Act of obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.

Even more dramatically, you might be sued in a civil court for the money lost by your employer. At the moment Cheltenham Borough Council is treading new territory by bringing a £1 million claim against its former chief executive for alleged fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation. The local authority alleges that during its recruitment procedure Ms Laird answered questions on her medical history incorrectly, concealing her previous bouts of depression which ultimately led to an ill-health retirement payment of around £450,000. The case is currently being tried in the High Court – more news when it comes in, but I’m playing in my mind whether there are DDA issues here.

Link to Times article

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