Acas Report on Posted Workers dispute released

The report is cautiously welcomed by all sides, since although it identifies that there were no breaches of the legislation it sympathises with the problems caused.

Link to the report

Its conclusions:

  • The Acas inquiry found no evidence that Total, Jacobs Engineering or IREM have broken the law with regard to the use of posted workers or entered into unlawful recruitment practices.
  • There is tension around the application of the Posted Workers Directive in the UK, and its relationship with the UK’s industrial relations system. These issues have been highlighted by the recession.
  • The complexity produced by the interrelation of EU law, national agreements and supplementary local collective agreements is a potential source of confusion and dispute. A review by the relevant parties of the interrelationship between national and local collective agreements would aid transparency and reduce the potential for misunderstandings and conflict.
See also Head of Legal’s blog post on the subject.