Will the BNP hire BME employees?

Whether or not the Race Relations Act 1976 applies to membership of political parties is uncertain, hence the British National Party’s policy of refusing entry admit non-white members continues unchallenged for the moment. The Guardian reports that this may be challened

However, as the somewhat-conflicted Daily Mail states, the main benefit that comes with its new EU Parliament members is money. And quite a bit of it too. The newspaper reports:

The far-Right British National Party will pocket £5.2million of taxpayers’ money to spread its message of hate in the European Parliament. Party leader Nick Griffin and his fellow MEP Andrew Brons will get paid more than £446,000 each in salary, office and travel allowances every year. The breakthrough will also enable them to siphon more than £147,000 each year directly into party coffers.

Of course much of this will be spent on staff, and here race discrimination legislation does come in. Indeed, there has been some noise on facebook and twitter trying to persuade well-qualified political researchers and agents who are black, or Jewish, or of any other group that Griffin doesn’t like, to polish up their CVs to see how their qualifications and skills compare to people he’ll actually hire. That way some of the BNP’s public funding could be redistributed via the employment tribunal system…