Trans? Prove it, let’s have a look.

A Philadelphia trans woman was told more-or-less just that, being asked to provide a surgeon’s report and, most shockingly, photographs of her genitals before being allowed to use the women’s toilets. The Philiadelphia Gay News reports:

Irene Kudziela, branch manager of Manpower’s Pottsville office, allegedly told Blatt that a letter from her surgeon documenting her gender-reassignment surgery – along with a photograph of her genital area – would be necessary before she could return to Sapa.

Blatt, 28, said she found the request “repugnant” and “disgusting,” and declined to comply. She viewed the request as a form of sexual harassment, she added.

“I was shocked and disgusted,” Blatt said. “It felt like I was being reduced to a mere sex object. I was trying to work there in a dignified and private manner, but my dignity and privacy were constantly being violated.”

In addition to sexual harrassment, Blatt is bringing her case under disability discrimination laws: it would seem that Philly doesn’t provide protection based on gender reassignment. In the UK there is already specific protection against this sort of treatment under statute, and section 7 of the Equality Act, when enacted, will provide that:

A person has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment if the person is proposing to undergo, is undergoing or has undergone a process (or part of a process) for the purpose of reassigning the person’s sex by changing
physiological or other attributes of sex.

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