Equality Act 2010 – there is an actual devil in the detail

Section 60(9) of the Equality Act 2010:

“Work” means employment, contract work, a position as a partner, a position as a member of an LLP, a pupillage or tenancy, being taken as a devil, membership of a stable, an appointment to a personal or public office, or the provision of an employment service; and the references in subsection (1) to offering a person work are, in relation to contract work, to be read as references to allowing a person to do the work.

This is, apparently, the terminology used for the Scottish equivalent of pupil barristers. But you can bet there’ll be a fair bit of head scratching by lawyers and HR staff when reading this section. A stable, if you were wondering, is a Scottish chambers, like this one. Apologies for this article to Usefully Employed readers North of the border.

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