You always leave traces

A cautionary tale not unlike my previous posts:

  • Purporting that a written warning was issued in 2007, when in fact you used a 2008 proforma but tippexed out the 2008, only to humiliatingly be asked to hold it up to the light in front of an employment tribunal;
  • Posting how much you hate your boss on Facebook, only for him to read it and dismiss you.

Here we’re concerned with the twitter feed @gillianmckeith – after a series of spats about McKeith’s qualifications, as derided by Ben Goldacre’s book Bad Science, the feed referred to his book as “lies”. Goldacre smelled a libel and tweeted back, only for the next tweet to read:

do you really believe this is real Twitter site for the GM?

As Goldacre puts it:

Yes, replied the geeks. The Twitter account @gillianmckeith is linked to, explained some. Then that link was deleted. Ah, explained others: only half-deleted. If you look at the “source code” for the page, the link is there, just temporarily inactivated. And that Twitter account is still linked from, Gillian’s YouTube page.

Read Ben Goldacre’s article here.

So again, a gentle reminder to everyone out there: there is always someone out there with a stronger sense of smell than you, and they’ll sniff you out. Oh, and a second honourable mention for the Queen of forensic IT errors, the lady who purported that a letter was written in 1999, when it had clearly been typed in Office 2007.

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