About this blog, and the author

The author of Usefully Employed is Joe Neville, an employment law barrister and former solicitor based in the East Midlands.


I qualified as a solicitor in 2005, and following training specialised in employment. My next position was with a company as an Employment Law Consultant, mainly providing employment advice and on-site consultancy to small to medium businesses across the UK . I also provided training on employment law to businesses, as well as consultants from other organisations. This role opened my eyes as to the sheer amount of employment work performed by non-solicitor organisations, as well as the importance of prevention over cure.

I’ve now done a complete about-face and transferred to the bar, and now practice at a set in the Midlands. I still have the opportunity to do a reasonable amount of employment law, but I have also enjoyed picking up some other areas.

Usefully Employed

The point of this blog is to help spread employment law information and views in a way that’s not as ‘corporate’ as the big firms’ newsletters, but has more legal bones for you to pick at than reports in the mainstream media.

Employment law is a wonderful area in which to specialise; there is a lot of law, which makes it intellectually interesting, but the facts of the cases are never dry, always involving enough human emotion and turmoil to keep you interested.

If you’re hanging around here you already are, or will hopefully become, as interested in the subject as I am.


Should you wish to get in touch for any reason about the blog, please email me at

webmaster at usefully employed dot co dot uk

If you have a professional query about representation, advice or writing, then please visit my website for contact details. I don’t (and legally can’t) give  legal advice to the public by email through either channel, so please don’t ask. The first solicitor to correctly identify the character I’m playing below will receive one free 20 minute telephone conference – but don’t tell my clerks!

Usefully Employed only goes out in public on one day per year, on the Día de los Muertos.
Usefully Employed only goes out in public on one day per year, on the Día de los Muertos. He has no idea who that young lady is, due to his poor peripheral vision.

NB: The above image has been open for over a year, with a few guesses but no successes. Do you know? A clue: the character is a Hispanic detective.